Thermal water from Castera®

Pure water with unique benefits

Castera® Thermal Spring Water is present in all the products of the CASTERA® range because it brings many benefits to our skin.

Drawn from the thermal spa of Castera-Verduzan, in the heart of Gascony, its unique and balanced composition in mineral salts and trace elements gives it exceptional therapeutic properties.

This exceptional water is highly concentrated in sulfur, which gives it virtues soothing scientifically recognized. This water is also famous for its action anti-inflammatory thanks to its composition in ions which acts on the nervous receptors of the skin. This limits the transmission of the inflammatory message, and thus reduces the itching sensation. Finally, it is recognized for its virtues anti-oxidants by numerous studies.

Thanks to a unique patented process, the thermal water used in the CASTERA® product line has a basic pH (8.1). Thus, it does not attack the skin flora and helps fight against the acidity of the skin, which tends to promote the development of germs. It limits the sensations of tightness which can be linked, precisely, to the imbalance of the skin. This is all the more important in toddlers with neutral skin pH.

Water recognized for over 200 years

Since time immemorial, the inhabitants of the village of Castera-Verduzan went to the source to take baths and benefit from the soothing properties of this Thermal Water. In 1817, a spa was born on the very site of the sulphurous water source. Today, many curists come from all over France to take advantage of the properties of this Thermal Water.

Water suitable for the most fragile skin

Your child's skin requires specific products because it is skin that is drier, thinner and more permeable than that of adults. Cosmetic products based on Castera® thermal water will help the child's skin to acquire a polymorphous skin flora, which will defend itself more easily against external aggressions (pollution, UV rays, etc.). This Water simply reinforces the health of their skin, the body's first protective barrier.

In order to maintain the purity and benefits of this Water, we limit the number of ingredients in our products as much as possible.

Transparency and reliability

Castera® Thermal Spring Water is drawn directly from the source to ensure its pure restitution in our products. The laboratory ensures the stability and efficiency of this water by taking numerous samples throughout the year. All our products are designed in France and tested under dermatological control to ensure their safety.

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