Gently clean baby's nose

Nasal hygiene prevents the recurrence of colds in winter and improves the comfort of the little one when he has a cold. Indeed, the discomfort caused by the common cold is all the more important in the infant because he does not yet know how to breathe very well through the mouth.

How to wash the baby's nose?

The rule of thumb is to wash your hands thoroughly before and after nasal wash so as not to spread germs and spread infection.

Les bons gestes à réaliser :

  • Lay baby on his back and keep his head turned to one side to avoid any sudden movements.
  • Gently insert the tip of the CASTERA Nasal Spray into the upper nostril.
  • Apply Spray pressure (straight pressure for 2 to 3 seconds). Part of the liquid then comes out through the lower nostril, carrying the secretions.
  • Gently wipe his nose with a disposable tissue or cotton ball.
  • Give baby time to catch his breath, then do the exact same thing, turning his head to the other side.

CASTERA Nasal Spray moisturizes and thins dry nasal secretions. Its formula combines Sea Water with Castéra-Verduzan Thermal Spring Water to soothe sensitive nasal mucous membranes. Thanks to its secure tip, it is suitable for infants from 6 years old.