10 uses of thermal mist

Photo credit : Andrea Piacquadio

L’Eau thermale de Castéra n’est pas une eau classique. Il s’agit d’une eau pure, exempt de toutes pollutions ou bactéries, qui après un long voyage dans la roche, est conditionnée en spray afin de vous faire profiter de tous ses bienfaits. La brume thermale Castéra a de nombreuses utilisations, et nous avons sélectionné, pour vous, les 10 principales :

1- Relieves irritation and itching

Castéra, a specialist in baby skin, knows how to take care of sensitive skin. The thermal mist of Castéra helps to calm irritation and itching that can be caused by friction or eczema. Castéra thermal water helps to improve the comfort of your skin.

2- Reduces redness (of the baby's seat and face)

Redness is a hallmark of sensitive skin. In order to reduce them while preserving the skin, it is recommended by dermatology experts to use thermal water. Castera thermal water has soothing properties that help reduce redness, so hydrating the face with Castera thermal water reduces redness and relieves tightness.

3- Refreshes in case of heat or after a sporting effort

Generally speaking, applying a thermal water mist to the face is refreshing. This is especially the case when you have just exerted a physical effort. The thermal water of Castéra cools effectively and gives you a feeling of comfort and soothing, which you badly need in case of heat and after intense physical exertion.

4- Tones after morning cleansing of the face

A generous mist of Castéra thermal spring water gently awakens the skin. Spraying this thermal water on your face alleviates morning swelling and tones your skin, which is thus ready to face the day.

5- Calm after cosmetic procedures

A misting of Castéra thermal water on sensitive areas after waxing soothes your skin from inflammation. The concentration of sulfate ions present in this thermal water is perfectly indicated in the event of inflammation.

6- Promote the effectiveness of care

By using the thermal mist on your skin, it gets rid of impurities. This morning gesture also activates the blood microcirculation. Purifying the skin promotes the penetration of the treatments that you then apply to it and allows better efficiency.

7- Protects against free radicals

Recognized for its antioxidant properties thanks to the presence of copper and zinc in its mineral composition, Castéra thermal water protects your skin from free radicals. These molecules, the causes of tissue aging, are favored by UV rays from the sun. On a daily basis and even more after exposure to the sun, it is therefore strongly recommended to apply the Castéra thermal mist to protect yourself from these free radicals, while soothing your skin!

8- Prepares the skin for make-up

Do not be fooled by preconceived ideas! Castéra thermal water will not ruin all your efforts to achieve a ravishing makeup! On the contrary, this thermal water will revive your makeup to help it overcome all stages of the day. Spray a light mist on your face and the shine, usually present on the T-zone, will disappear. If you want to reduce the powdery effect of certain makeup products, you can spray Castéra thermal water and absorb the excess with a handkerchief.

9- Eliminates traces of makeup remover

To keep skin in good health, it is strongly recommended to remove makeup every night. Only the makeup remover does not clean your skin, it is used to remove makeup residues present on it. Following the makeup step, a greasy film forms on the surface of your skin and cosmetic product residues are trapped there. Thanks to the thermal mist of Castéra, you just need to spray this water on the face to clean it by gently dabbing your skin with a cotton ball or handkerchief.

10- Soothes after sun exposure

Castéra thermal water has a composition that gives it soothing and relaxing properties. Exposure to the sun is recognized as an attack on your skin! To treat it as it should and give it back all its benefits, it is important, after exposure to the sun, to spray Castera thermal water on your skin to soothe it. In addition, it will also protect it from free radicals, the appearance of which is favored by the sun.